AUDIO: ZaZa – Girls Run Everything

ZaZa Girls Run Everything Mp3 Download

ZaZa Girls Run Everything Mp3 Download

ZaZa Girls Run Everything Mp3 Download – Beyoncé asked us who runs the world and let us know the correct answer is girls. Piggy-backing off of that musical movement is five-year-old rap sensation ZaZa who returns with yet another single, “Girls Run Everything.

If you’re unfamiliar with the pint-sized rap princess, ZaZa has been making waves online after she became a social media darling. She gained popularity after videos of her dancing to some of our favorite hip hop hits went viral, and soon, she was making music of her own.

ZaZa has become a favorite not only among social media fans but in the industry as well. Stars love her sass and while her songs may seem simple to many, it’s clear that the little girl is making music that family-friendly for children. The ongoing complaint in hip hop is that kids are listening to songs with lyrics about sex, money, drug use, or a variety of other topics that children may not be mature enough to understand. ZaZa isn’t the first kid to grab a mic, but her 1.7 million Instagram followers prove that she’s currently one of the leaders of the pack.

Check out ZaZa rapping about why “Girls Run Everything” below.

Hit the download button below to get the full song.



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