AUDIO: Jay Critch – Make It Last

Jay Critch Make It Last Mp3 Download

Jay Critch Make It Last Mp3 Download

Jay Critch Make It Last Mp3 Download – Jay Critch is one of those artists that tends to use his Soundcloud platform more than any streaming services.

He’s likely to drop a loosie on Soundcloud without warning, as he’s just done today. While his last song to hit DSPs was back in January.

Lest we forget, his debut album, Hood Favorite, is really dope and that dropped back in 2018– so hopefully he has something formal in the works as we speak.

This latest Soundcloud cut, “Make It Last,” is quick, at under 2 minutes, it’s possible it’s just a rough idea that will turn into a full-fledged song later– or maybe that’s it.

Regardless it’s a melodic banger, and Jay Critch is strictly on his talking-shit-shit, but as he says, “I ain’t even tryna brag though.” Check out the song and you decide.

Quotable Lyrics

Drop that hoe off in the trash
She keep fucking off my cash flow
She say I’m an asshole
But I know why she really mad hoe
She caught me in the Jag
Getting sloppy from a bad hoe

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