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Bitcoin Traders Now Want A Gold Option

It’s still unknown whether the Phemex made this addition as a result of the sudden drop in gold or not. Nonetheless, the move is famous with a good level of liquidity. Though the exchange doesn’t offer a direct BTC/gold pair, yet traders can easily swap between Bitcoin, Dollars and Gold.

Bitcoin Traders Now Want A Gold Option

Cryptocurrency traders have been keen to benefit from this volatility. Provided the demand, it is safe to make sure that many exchanges will soon add gold to their offerings. A lot of opportunities exist to buy BTC with gold, and vice-versa. Still, Phemex is the first to permit daily trading as well as derivatives.

With gold, the ability to transfer its value into the digital currency space is intriguing. Long term investors might be more willing to discover BTC as a potential safe haven too.

Bitcoin Traders Now Want A Gold Option

Cryptocurrency Markets Entering Mainstream

Bitcoin as well as other blockchain assets have long been highlighters in global finance, yet their presence has been too important to ignore. They are increasingly proving their legitimacy, as a result of adoption across a broad array of industries.

Moves to integrate various legacy commodities into the cryptosphere are only growing. Additionally, traditional broker of all sorts are keen to start working with blockchain assets. These steps are sure to invite broader interest from regulators as well as governments and funnel huge amounts of fiat into digital currencies.

Bitcoin Traders Now Want A Gold Option

Bringing BTC into mainstream worldwide finance stays controversial among digital currency advocates, the same number of idealists accept that the blockchain economy need to stay free. Nonetheless, as the estimation of BTC and altcoins grows, it is unavoidable that all markets will cooperate. Truth be told, mass cryptocurrency adoption relies upon it.



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